Fix your focus for clarity of purpose, organizational alignment, and operational performance in your business.

For leaders who want to have a successful business and a healthy margin, Fixed Focus Consultants deliver a customized solution by taking the time to listen and understand you, your business, and your goals.

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”


Fixed Focus Consulting helps you sharpen your business goals and works with you to develop a custom strategy for creating order instead of chaos… in a fun way!

You’re the the solo leader, the CEO, the president, but you don’t have to go it alone.

  • We know how much time and energy you’re dedicating to create plans and processes to make your business more efficient—only to struggle when you try to implement it.

  • We understand how difficult it can be to make decisions when you aren’t exactly sure what’s best for your organization in the long-term.

  • We see how hard you’re working to increase sales, but continue to struggle because you don’t have the profit margin you need.

  • You started your business with the dream of freedom in mind! But now it’s starting to feel like the job you left.



I had the privilege of good family and working for well-run large companies in the pharmaceutical and advertising industries. In addition, I have had experience in conceiving of and running my own accounting advisory business and selling that business. All of this came after a great experience in the Marines.

Life is a great teacher and I have always tried to learn my lessons easily and well. From my family I learned to care for others and that you don’t cry over spilled milk or make excuses. From the Marine’s I learned that a team is powerful, honor is foundational and overcoming obstacles is possible. From working in large pharmaceutical and global advertising industries, I learned to understand organizations, culture and group dynamics. From owning my first accounting and advisory business, I learned how to manage risks, to be resilient and to provide value to my client. Then I learned the joy of pursuing a dream and the thrill of adventure when I sold that business and hiked the entire Appalachian trail with my son.

These life experiences, including the hardships and trials as well as successes, have inspired me help others in their pursuit of a life adventure.

Do what is rewarding, not what is easy.


People always ask me if I had fun hiking the Appalachian Trail. I would often say, “It wasn’t really ‘fun,’ but it sure was rewarding.” There is a lot of hardship when you go on an extended hiking trip. There are long days with a high amount of physical, mental and emotional effort, you give up the comforts of home, you miss your family and friends, you sleep on hard surfaces, you only eat food that you can carry, and often have an injury or two. But, every time I come home, after all of the sacrifices, I can't wait to do it again! Overcoming struggles—and bearing witness to miracles—together with others is a daily occurrence. And the most rewarding thing about a thru-hike is reaching that summit, or destination, after having set them as crystal clear goals. 

The feelings of gratitude and pride are very similar to the same you experience in business! Is it hard? Yes. Is it fun? Sometimes. But the journey toward “success,” no matter how you define it, is that much more rewarding.


“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”



How do you define success?

We‘ll help you to understand your current dynamic and develop a path to a successful culture.



Fixed Focus Consulting will design and implement ad hoc projects tailored to your individual organizational needs. We’ll use the distinguishing value of listening (and understanding) to create solutions that will provide the highest possible value.



Aim Small—Miss Small

Let's be as clear as we can about where you are going and what is at that destination. The more focused the vision, the better you are able to plan the way there. Let's energize the organization and really hone in with clear:

  • Mission/Vision

  • Values

  • Objectives 

  • Strengths/Weaknesses

  • Opportunities/Threats

Together, we'll formulate a dynamic plan to meet the challenges of today's competitive environment?



Optimize Your Efforts 

You have the plan, now work the plan! We help you  align your workflow, your assets and your decisions with your focused plan. This includes:

  • Process Re-Engineering

  • Decision Making Tools

  • Financial Analysis

  • Operational Planning


Organizations that operate congruently with their plan are the most successful.​



Get Everyone On Board


All plans move through your CULTURE! No plan survives a toxic work environment. This is the most important part of you business and most of us don't even know how to talk about culture. Find out the powerful benefits of the Competing Values Framework for diagnosing, discussing and changing your culture.

Then we have tools at your disposal that will allow you to lead the way that builds a healthy and productive organization!

“If you get a reputation as an early riser, you can sleep until noon.”


Fixed Focus Consulting
Brand Ethos 

Brand Ethos are the distinguishing characteristics, sentiment, moral nature or guiding beliefs of a person, group or institution. Our overarching value is to put others first by helping them overcome obstacles to their goals.


Listen carefully to every client! 

We question thoroughly and seek clear understanding. We work diligently to find the greatest need, whether or not it is originally what the client believes is the greatest need. 


Fight hard for every client! 

We ensure client success to the greatest of our ability, with the highest level of commitment. We’ll never give up. We commit to adapting and overcoming seen and unforeseen obstacles.


Collaborate to deliver! 

We work with anyone in the organization or our network to give the best service to our client. Collaboration requires mentoring, communicating and careful team decision making. Our consultants remain humble, asking and receiving network advice in a healthy manner.


Demand Ethics! 

The ethical businessman (the one who acts correctly) is the best force to improve society and the lives of others. Corruption kills capitalism. Individual character will never be forgotten.


Find what works! 

We promise to innovate wisely while honoring traditional business theory. We strive for cutting edge business model, cutting edge business-people, and cutting edge business concepts. We believe in what works.


Hero ethos!

We aim high! And seek the greatest adventure. We make working together meaningful! We do the right thing courageously and in the face of obstacles.


“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”


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